PulseWare Co.

In 2016 by buying stock in the knowledge enterprise company Pulseware, East Kish Payment Services Co. joined the company’s stockholders. Through its presence in the Board of Directors and association with the founding team, Teehoo has been able to triple the knowledge enterprise company’s sales numbers.

PulseWare, as business unit started as a group relying on scientific ability and veteran experts in the field in 2007 with the financial and moral support of Tosen Co. and Tehran University. Due to the electronic banking systems needing a precise evaluation of the services they provide, Pulseware has shown its ability and put together a high profile portfolio of clients by writing reporting software that gather data on switch status and the central bank customers database of Tosen Co.

After expanding its operations beyond its relationship with Tosen, PulseWare became an independent firm with the aim of growing service quality and establishing SLA in place of other various services in the ICT sector. The company established itself in 2011, and in recent years, through completing many successful consulting, monitoring and measuring quality standard projects has been able to improve the service quality status in many banks and companies. Their efforts have caused a decrease in network errors so much so that the frequency of errors went from 1 in 5 to 1 in 120. This company intends to make its mark through evaluating quality and calculating the optimal service output of systems to improve the quality of banks, financial institutions, payment companies and industries based on ICT.

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