My New Farm

We were like you, every time we traveled, and crossed the plains and mountains, every time we visited the greenery and freshness of the plains and mountains, every night under the stars of the desert or mountains. We woke up in the morning or every time we received a gift from the village, our hearts were filled and we wished we could always stay on a farm, in a small house in a village, by the river, in the forest, and the plains. They always brought us presents from the farm or we could be sure that what we ate was fresh and healthy and one-handed … but it was not possible. For years we carried this dream with us from one journey to another, for years we dreamed of living in nature or having a farm, ‌ a garden in the midst of the conflicts and troubles of today’s urban life until we came together and with We made a new appointment, we decided to make our old dream of having a farm come true, we traveled together and started from small steps until today when we know very well what we want, we with our own capital, with time, with life And we found our way, the tortuous way of connecting the village and the countryside, the farmer and the rancher with technology, and today we want to invite you to this journey as well. We are not farmers or ranchers, but with agriculture, animal husbandry, and living in the countryside, after 5 years of trial and error, we know enough to suggest you participate in the farms of my farm complex. These farms, like any other farm, are run in the heart of nature and rely on the power of nature, but we have used technology to know from afar or near what is going on in the farms and measure the amount of each step and every action.

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