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Kadro, a professional online photography service platform, was launched in 1996.

The staff site provides access to professional photographers in any specialty, in any location and at an affordable price.

Until now, staff photographers are working in the cities of Tehran, Karaj and Shiraz. Soon, following the attraction of more photographers, photography projects will be available in other cities of the country.

Kadro defines projects in 13 different specialties including child photography, wedding, product and and etc., after reviewing the portfolio, the closest professional photographers are booked by the employer. After completing the photo project with light and color editing, it will be uploaded in the client’s private gallery and depending on the type of reserved package, it will possible to download some or all of the photos.

Kadro Team

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Amirmahdi Valeh

Developer and development manager

Amirmahdi has previously worked in an electronic health software company. He is a full stack programmer who simply makes an idea a reality. Amir founded Manouchi in 1994, is a language teacher and strives for great success

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Mohammadmahdi Hoseininasab

Photographer and Content Manager

We call Mohammadmahdi in Mehdi Company. Mehdi 's interest in teaching and photography led him to work for a while at school and then at the Tebyan collection. After obtaining a degree in photography and working in his studio, he paved the way for work in his other favorite profession. At Kadro, we use Mehdi 's knowledge in the field of digital and user design.

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Siavash Bagheri

Photographer and quality control manager

Siavash is a graduate of the Young Cinematographers Association. His field of specialization is architectural and industrial photography with more than 10 years of experience. His passion for learning and professionalism are two prominent features; Siavash loves challenging photography projects and strongly believes in effective criticism.

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Hussein Hejazi

Director of filming and teaser

Hussein is an architecture graduate and discovered his interest in staffing from the fourth grade. His ideas and his interest in entrepreneurship will lead to the growing progress of the staff.

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Reza Kamalkhani

Programmer and technical manager

Reza is an e-commerce graduate. Has been working in web design and implementation, data science, digital business management for more than 3 years and is very interested in new and up-to-date technologies. The core of the proposed cadre algorithm has also been implemented by Reza.

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